Tribe Culture Media LLC. is a digital marketing agency specializing in artist promotion, brand marketing, video production, and art curation. We are a passionate team of digital strategists, data architects, analysts, writers, developers, artists, videographers and photographers, all passionate about driving results for our clients, largely, businesses and artists.


  • Design and execute sponsorship and revenue generating strategies that are cost-effective including product development and licensing.
  • Maintain social media content update while increasing positive client exposure.
  • Creating budgetary appropriation to achieve objectives at a minimum cost.
  • Develop and maintain brand to promote and advertise brand appearance.
  • Create and maintain guidelines to attract and recruit sponsorship pertinent to our client’s interest and satisfaction.
  • Provide sponsorship activities specific to the individual client; revise and service contract and maintain a professional relationship.
  • Present comprehensive marketing strategy to the client.

Digital Marketing 

  • Cost effective marketing to your target audience, assisting with brand loyalty and driving online sales.
  • Maintain and track your online metrics with web analytics and other online tools.
  • Design and execute digital online campaigns to increase brand awareness and loyalty.
  • We help encourage positive conversion rates to increase your business portfolio and revenue!

Event Coverage 

  • Plan and manage all event visuals.
  • Create and manage an integrative plan to capture each moment of your event.
  • Through particular services, providing event correspondent or host to optimize event awareness.

Video/Audio Production 

  • Provide high-quality video content for our clients using 1080p & 4K quality at a reasonable cost.
  • Work with clients to provide a range of video services such as; documentaries, docu-series, interview, instructional videos, educational videos, etc, based per request.
  • Provide high-quality audio production at a reasonable cost.
  • Generate more social media and revenue conversion rates, while creating a strong desire for a call to action. 

Event Planning

  • Design charitable and for-profit events.
  • Provide budget to meet your desired event goals.
  • Booking artist  for your event
  • Scheduled and monitor event timelines.
  • Edit and design promotional materials.
  • Advance venue layout planning
  • Design, coordinate and promote a comprehensive media blitz for your event.
  • Prepare presentations.
  • Search and secure space to meet your event capacity needs.
  • Attract and secure top sponsors.
  • Design a comprehensive list of invites.
  • Plan and manage all event-related correspondence.
  • Manage all event logistics such as attendees’ registration, program booklet, stage design, staffing, and tracking as well as before and after evaluations.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi