Thank you for submitting your content within Tribe Culture Media LLC. The following information contains the terms and conditions that define the agreement between you and Tribe Culture Media LLC when submitting content for our entertainment feed. 1) For purposes of this agreement, the term content will refer to any and all content, media and materials submitted to Tribe Culture Media LLC, including, but not limited to; still photography, writings, spoken statements, animated and/or motion pictures, music, audio, Content, slides, portraits, visual effects, caricatures, likenesses, vocal or other sounds, computer graphics, as well as any accompanying documentation, packages or other materials submitted. 2) The rights, licenses, and privileges described in this agreement are granted to Tribe Culture Media LLC beginning immediately upon submission of your content. 3) In connection with your submission of the Content to Tribe Culture Media LLC under this agreement, you unconditionally and without monetary compensation grant to Tribe Culture Media LLC the right, license, authorization and permission to use, or to authorize the use of your Content in whole or in part in any form or format. You also give Tribe Culture Media LLC, at its discretion, the right, and authorization to remove content. Tribe Culture Media LLC reserves the right to refuse broadcast of submitted materials. 4) You must have full rights to comply with this agreement. By checking I agree you acknowledge that you have the rights, authorizations, permissions, approvals, and consents to each Content you submit. 5) Tribe Culture Media LLC is a “General” viewer broadcaster. By your approval, you acknowledge that you have carefully reviewed your Content and have removed, changed or edited any content that would not be suitable for broadcast on Tribe Culture Media LLC. Examples of unacceptable content include, but are not limited to the following: suggestive or derogatory remarks; racist gestures, suggestions, symbols, slurs or language; nudity; harmful acts to humans, animals or property; copyright or trademark violations. 6) The storage device used to submit Content must be clearly labeled using the same title and film date used on the agreement. For proper identification purposes and to release Tribe Culture Media LLC from liability, an identifying credit must be present throughout the entire Content. This credit must identify the person(s) submitting the Content. An example would be to place information, similar to the following, in the bottom left corner of the Content in a font no smaller than 9 pts: (Artist Name: John Doe, Submission Title: John Doe’s World) Tribe Culture Media LLC will make every attempt to broadcast approved submissions in a professional and timely manner. In most cases the Content will broadcast as it was submitted, therefore quality is dependent on the person filming. Storage devices/Content will not be returned. Tribe Culture Media LLC does not guarantee a time or date of broadcast. Approved submissions will be aired as the schedule permits.