About us

Who We Are
and our mission

The mission of Tribe Culture Media LLC. is to be the official platform for ingenious ideas and unconventional marketing and media strategies. Furthermore, Tribe Culture Media is dedicated to promoting enlightenment and humanitarian deeds in film production for our viewers. Tribe Culture Media LLC acknowledges we must live in a world in which we all must coexist. Come to Tribe Culture for your marketing needs. 

About Our Team
and who works for us

Tribe Culture Media LLC is based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The companies founders are Tucker Finney-Burton and Deonte Wynn. The purpose of Tribe Culture Media LLC originated from the two co-founder's urgency to see change, not only direct change in their communities but throughout the world. Seeing poverty, lack of resources and downtrodden members in our community made us come together.  The two entrepreneurs collectively share a passion to be a media platform which gives the visionary a media presence with our complete in-depth services. Both graduating from The West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Co-Owner, Tucker Finney-Burton obtained a Bachelor's degree in International Business and Finance. Co- Owner, Deonte Wynn has obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Both manage a team of highly skilled marketers, researchers, writers and videographers. 

Our Goals
and what we do

The goal of Tribe Culture Media LLC. is to provide reliable marketing services and media broadcasts on a global scale, starting with your community! As business and media is in constant change, Tribe Culture has a goal to provide marketing and production services to all it's customers. Additionally, Tribe Culture Media will give a platform to downtrodden humanity to present their trials and tribulations to the world with our documentaries. We offer a range of in-depth media services, which include: Full marketing services,  promotional videos, music videos, digital design, media and event coverage, cinematic documentaries, and social events for a reasonable price!

Deonte Wynn
Program Director
Tucker Finney- Burton
Program Director
Zach Hagan
Lead Organizational Strategist